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Personalized aesthetician services with comprehensive skin analysis and bespoke facial treatments utilizing the latest in skincare technology, all in the comfort of your own home or our Studio in Corona Del Mar.

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Bespoke Treatments, Tailored To You.

  • Cutting-edge Facial Treatments

From Hydrafacials, rejuvenating peels to LED light therapy and more. Experience the best in the latest skincare treatments.

  • Elite Product Assurance

We only use top-tier, evidence-based skincare formulations in our treatments, aligning clinical expertise with your skin's optimal health and radiance.

  • Comprehensive Skin Analysis

Delve into your skin's needs using our advanced diagnostics at each session's outset, guaranteeing the best outcomes and tailored care.

  • Progress Reports

Reports after each session, tracking your skin's improvements and changes, ensuring you're always informed and empowered on your journey.

  • Personalized Recommendations

Product and treatment suggestions tailored just for you. Whether it's for daily care, special occasions, or addressing specific concerns.




Meet Nicolette, our Master Aesthetician and Skincare Expert. With close to a decade in the field, she excels at personalized skincare solutions that transcend the typical beauty standards. Having founded a premium skincare and wellness boutique that became an influencer hotspot in Los Angeles, Nicolette specializes in serving elite clientele. By blending cutting-edge treatments with holistic wellness, she's committed to crafting individualized solutions, ensuring each client lasting results.

Our Menu: Signature Treatments Tailored Just for You

Curated specifically to your needs. Elevate beyond ordinary facials: our concierge service offers an elite skincare journey, engineered for those seeking the best results from the comfort of their home or from our Lave studio in Newport Beach, CA.

In-Home Haven Experience

75 Mins

Delve into a world of premium skincare without stepping out your door. Benefit from VIP attention, cutting-edge treatments, and advanced skin analysis, all meticulously tailored to your unique complexion needs, ensuring visible rejuvenation and lasting results.

  • Comprehensive Skin Analysis & Consultation
  • Cutting-Edge, Personalized Facial Treatments in the Comfort of Your Home
  • 24/7 Skin Concierge
  • All equipment provided

$200 + per session

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Lave Sanctuary Session

60 Mins

Discover a serene escape at our exclusive Corona Del Mar studio. Harnessing the latest in skincare technology and products, we offer a distinct curated experience designed for optimal results.

  • Comprehensive Skin Analysis & Consultation
  • Cutting-Edge, Personalized Facial Treatments

$150+ per session

Elite VIP Year of Radiance Membership (In-Home)

1 Year Service

Immerse in a tailored experience of 12 monthly state-of-the-art treatments, bespoke consultations, and advanced techniques. This is your exclusive invitation to commit to a year of unparalleled skin refinement and self-enhancement.

  • Cutting-Edge, Personalized Treatments
  • Cutting-Edge, Personalized Facial Treatments
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Discounts on advanced cosmetic procedures from our partners.
  • 24/7 Skin Concierge

$2,400 per year with 12 sessions

*$4,500 Value = $1,750 savings*

"Nicolette transformed my skincare regimen. My skin has never looked this radiant! I also love the convenience of being able to get treatments from home around my busy schedule."